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What I do

Content strategy. Copywriting. Blog content. Social media. Newsletters. Community engagement.


I'm an award-winning journalist and editor whose career spans 15+ years, in both digital and print media. I specialize in working with early to mid-stage start-ups, helping them tell their story effectively and build a committed, engaged community from the ground up.


A sought-after member for launch teams, I’ve helped breathe life into multiple products, including Edinburgh Festivals magazine and Business AM, and was CEO of fashion tech startup Crave, whose affiliate technology was trialled exclusively with The Mail Online. 


In 2015, I moved to New York, hand-picked to edit and build the audience of W42ST, a high-quality, hyperlocal magazine, and grew the business from the ground to a 90,000 readership print product with a highly engaged readership. 

In other words, I know from first-hand experience what it's like to nurture a brand, find a voice, and build a community – and I help other small to medium-sized businesses do the same.


I believe passionately that storytelling is a critical tool in a business's success. People think in stories – and remember in stories. They generate trust, encourage dialogue, and connect you intimately with an audience. Research has found that stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts. Let me tell yours.

Case studies

maison 10 henri myers tom blackie.jpeg

THE CLIENT: MAISON 10 is a platform for designers and artists to bring high-quality products to a wider market by using ethical consumerism as its core concept. The brick and mortar boutique located at 4 West 29th Street in NoMad, New York, features 10 hand-selected items across 10 different categories for a period of 10 weeks. Each customer has the option to choose which one of 10 charities receives a 10% donation from their purchase at the point of sale.

THE RESULTS: Introducing a twice-weekly e-commerce newsletter helped strengthen the MAISON 10 community during the uncertain times of the pandemic, and saw the mailing list audience increase, along with user engagement, and online purchases. In addition, a weekly blog boosted the brand’s online visibility and celebrated its customers. As a result, it helped drive buyers to the website, increasing total sales by 82% year on year.


Press outreach has resulted in interviews in US Lifestyle magazine and WeAr magazine.


“Thank you so much for everything that you do for MAISON 10. Your writing is full of creativity, fun and depth and it has helped us to increase the open rates and the readership numbers of our emails and other communications on all of our social media platforms. You’re a pure joy to work with and you make us feel like nothing is ever too much for us to ask of you. Thanks for being such an important part of the MAISON 10 family.”


THE CLIENT: FURI Sport is a tennis equipment and fashion brand designed to take the sport out of the rarefied country club atmosphere and on to the street.


Launched by Erick Mathelier and Michelle Spiro, the range includes a technologically advanced, but inclusively priced tennis racquet, and a limited-edition range of tennis-inspired streetwear, called TFP. A Black and woman-owned business, a key part of their vision is giving back to the community, recognizing that sport can provide access to a world of privilege, so they support urban sports projects in disadvantaged neighborhoods.


THE RESULTS: Erick and Michelle wanted to find a unique, fun voice for the brand, so I worked with them on everything from telling their story to describing products and bringing a personality to automated email messaging. In the month following launch, they received a major feature in the New York Times Styles magazine, as well as mentions in Elle and The Business of Fashion. Elle, in particular, made specific mention of the brand’s unique voice. Their demo racquets were so popular as a result, they had to introduce a two-month waiting list.


Michelle says: “Thank you Ruth! It’s your words that help the brand come to life!”


THE CLIENT: Jacto is innovative demi-fine, fashion jewelry for women and men of all ages. Designed by Melanie Maggio, each piece is handmade in NYC with ethically sourced upcycled fish bones combined with quality, nickel-free recycled metals. These conversation starter pieces are created to bring us together, forge new friendships and help us see the value in our earth's resources.


THE RESULTS: Melanie wanted to bring more of her own voice to automated email messages, so I worked with her to help the brand feel more human when communicating with online customers and subscribers. We’ve also collaborated on her own brand storytelling, for interviews in blogs and with the sustainability community

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