What I do

Content strategy. Copywriting. Blog content. Social media. Newsletters. Community engagement.


I'm an award-winning journalist and editor whose career spans 30 years, in both digital and print media. I specialize in working with early to mid-stage start-ups, helping them tell their story effectively and build a committed, engaged community from the ground up.


A sought-after member for launch teams, I’ve helped breathe life into multiple products, including Edinburgh Festivals magazine and Business AM, and was CEO of fashion tech startup Crave, whose affiliate technology was trialled exclusively with The Mail Online. 


In 2015, I moved to New York, hand-picked to edit and build the audience of W42ST, a high-quality, hyperlocal magazine, and grew the business from the ground to a 90,000 readership print product with a highly engaged readership. 

In other words, I know from first-hand experience what it's like to nurture a brand, find a voice, and build a community – and I help other small to medium-sized businesses do the same.


I believe passionately that storytelling is a critical tool in a business's success. People think in stories – and remember in stories. They generate trust, encourage dialogue, and connect you intimately with an audience. Research has found that stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts. Let me tell yours.

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